Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and times of year. I love to decorate for Halloween because the decorations you can find are so cute and I love all the colors. I did a lot more than I did last year...I think I did a display everywhere possible :)

I love these candy corn guys. I ordered them off etsy from a business in Louisiana. They are outdoor wood and come with metal stakes so you can stand them up. I put them down the side of my house with lots of lights for night time. 
Front of the house with Black netting over the rocking chairs and cute signs!

I planted mums and pansies in my whiskey barrel and put mimi pumpkins and a broom in a mesh container. 

I love this felt witch. My mom gave her to me in my first halloween care package :) I added a lighted witch hat and cute standing owl. 

I put garland and purple lights around the door and candy corn lights in the boxwood tree. 

If you look very closely there are glow in the dark eyes in each begonia cluster :) 

Ghosts in the holly tree :)

Witch on the gate to side yard

Giant orange spider on the trellis to the back. I also put purple lights on it for nighttime 

Front of shed

Back yard set up :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall Garden

I wanted to show off my garden craziness from this summer and all the new projects I have been working on.
New Red Emperor Maple Tree...A Birthday Gift from my Hubby :)
I love this tree I hope he is happy in his new home and it is the perfect size once it grows a little to give the front of my house some shade. Also in the pic are my rock owls these guys are so cute!
Side view of front garden.
My favorite spot to sit! I have my mums and I am so excited for fall!!
One of my projects from this summer. I wanted a little Orla Kiely in my garden so I painted a window to put in with my flowers :) 

Fire pit and new seating area. View through new arbor in side yard
This was my big under taking this summer. I added a driveway area off the shed so hubby can have his own parking area. I was also able to add lots more seating and a cute fire pit thanks to my Mom who hooked me up for my birthday! The benches are attached to planters so I can add color and flowers. All of this area used to be "grass" also known as weeds and I gave up fighting in. With the help of family and friends I put down landscape fabric to kill the weeds and 5 TONS of Gravel for my new back yard!! I loved creating this space but my back did not. I am one of those people who want it done right then and if no one is there to help I will do it myself even if I really shouldn't. Case in point I raked most of the gravel myself because I wanted to see how it looked and wanted it done. I hurt my back so badly I could not bend, lift, sit, stand, and basically move for 3 weeks. But it sure looks pretty :)  

New side garden
The flowers in my side garden off the porch went nuts this summer and I managed to save my Lilac bush :) I also added in the pink trellis to grow Clematis next year and as support for my climbing roses. 
My purple shed!
I love this shed. It is one of my favorite things in my garden and is also a conversation point for the neighborhood. Most people love it but there is always some comment about "How does my Husband put up with it". My husband is wonderful and actually picked the color for the shed...I wanted to go darker. He loves what I do in the garden and loves that our house is so colorful and unique. It makes me happy that he likes what I do. It also makes me happy when people in the neighborhood walk by and really appreciate and compliment what I am working on. 
To plant a garden is to believe in Tomorrow
The bottom window was one of the last projects I worked on this summer. With the help of my friend Jessie I got a really cute window. I have terrible handwriting (curse of being a lefty) so Jessie helped me do the lettering. I really like this quote from Audrey Hepburn and I thought it fit in really well with my garden. 

Hope you enjoy the view! Halloween pics coming soon :)