Friday, March 30, 2012

Before Pictures

Before this was horrible so this was a major improvement. 4 straight days of pulling weeds to get to this. 
This is my house in May of 2011- I love my purple door!! It looks very different now. That tree to the left fell over and killed most of my garden in July so I started over. Burning Bushes under the windows are gone. They get to be 8ft wide so that was a bad plan. Fence to the right and half dead azalea bushes are gone too! 
 Backyard- THAT SHED went bye bye!! We also have tried to plant grass to have a lawn instead of weeds...we will see.
This side yard will be the bane of my existence in about a month. I planted tulips down one side (My favorite) but come summer this whole bed will be filled with Bindweed!! Not to be confused with its nice cousin Morning Glory. This weed has roots that go down 60 feet and will survive the apocalypse!! It spreads everywhere and is very invasive...I gave up for a week last year and it covered the whole fence. 


I have officially entered the blog world. I am 25 and married to a wonderful man and living in Paradise.
 I am a newlywed and have been decorating and rearranging our house for a little over a year.  My house is my favorite project. I cannot be bored or sit still and I am constantly doing something in my house or garden. I teach Middle School Social Studies so my "projects" are often my stress relievers :)
 I am laid up on my couch because I had surgery and I am not supposed to do anything...well I painted my new outdoor furniture instead of resting. I am now paying for that decision but I am still bored so I decided I want to share all the cool stuff I do in my "Paradise" with the world.
My garden renovation from last year is well underway...I learned some lessons and moved a lot of plants.
I am painting my shed Purple!!
And many other projects coming is not over yet!
Pictures to come soon.