Monday, April 2, 2012

Projects this week

 Painted the shed to today with the help of one of my friends Jenna. Love the purple and I can't wait to finish the trim (white) and hang windows with window boxes.
 Spray painted all my lovely new outdoor furniture a few days ago. Took 10 cans of spray paint and 2 trips to Home Depot. I wore my irresistible paint shirt for the 2nd trip. I get hit or receive phone numbers every time I wear this huge blue paint covered 20 year old button down men's shirt. This time was no different...I will never understand the attractiveness of this shirt.

 My patio also has a nice purple tint to it as well...oops. This was probably not the best project to undertake 2 days after sinus surgery but I was bored and I am a really bad patient.

Purple rocking chairs in the front! I can't wait to add the window boxes in the front :)

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